We all agree that a hot water tank is a necessity in Australia given the unpredictable weather conditions. On unlucky days when the hot water tank needs repairing, we expect a huge plumbing bill. A hot water tank repair is complicated. A rookie trying to fix the water tank by themself can do more harm than good. Here’s where Crucial Plumbing comes in. Our plumbers are experts at repairing hot water tanks and can do a good job at an affordable rate. 


An Urgent Tip from Expert Plumbers

Before you start trying to fix your hot water tank yourself or call a plumber, check for a warranty. If your hot water tank is well within the warranty period, you may be able to get it repaired for free or at a discounted price. If your tank has crossed the warranty period, Crucial Plumbing is here to help. 


Hot Water Tank Repair: Problems Commonly Faced by Homeowners 

Some hot water tank problems are easier to repair than others. Here is a list of all the technical issues you can face, and whether you need to call us for help or not. 


1. Clogged Faucet

A clogged faucet is the most common problem faced by old hot water tanks. The DIY fix for this is that you need to drain the cold water and remove debris to fix this problem. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll need to call a plumber to replace the faucet of your hot water tank. 


2. Irregular Water Heating

We suggest that you ensure that the electricity and gas are turned off before trying to fix this problem for your safety. A faulty valve in hot water tanks usually causes irregular water heating. You can check for leaks and incorrect installation of the valve, and this problem can only be fixed by a professional. 


3. Sluggish Water

This problem of sluggish water from the tank is caused by leaks, sediments, and debris at the bottom of the tank. Sluggish water or black water can be fixed by flushing the tank. 


4. Cold Water 

 Cold water is usually a sign of your tank freezing and not being functional, it needs replacing. Only a professional plumber can help replace your water tank.


5. Leaky Tanks

Corrosion and rust are usually responsible for hot water tank leaks. You can fix this problem by regularly cleaning your tank. 


6. Leaking Drain Valve

Sometimes if drain valves are not closed properly or contain mineral deposits and debris, they may leak.  


Why Choose Professional Hot Water Tank Repair Services?

There are three main qualities that expert plumbers can provide when it comes to maintaining your home and hot water tank. 


a). Efficiency

Sometimes, homeowners make the mistake of trying to repair water tanks without experience which leads to more damage. Professional plumbing services make maintaining your hot water tank efficiently their goal. 


Professional plumbing services take care of your water tank and keep faucets and valves well-maintained and clean. Experts can handle anything, from a clogged faucet to a leaky tank. 


b). Guarantee of Satisfaction

Expert plumbing services ensure that your hot water tank remains functional for a long time after repair. This means that if you avail professional plumbing services, your tank will work better for a longer period.


Professional plumbers from Crucial Plumbing make sure their services are worth the fee, and that you don’t face problems for quite some time. Plumbers also nip the problem in the bud and prevent water tank damage from getting worse. 


c). Returns on Plumbing Services

Plumbing services are an investment, but they are essential for maintaining your hot water tank. Water tank damage is quite harmful, and the faster you take action, the more damage you prevent. Expert plumbers will help you maintain your water tanks and keep them damage-free so that you don’t need to spend on repeat repairs and replacements. 



We hope this article helped you understand what to do if you face problems with your water tank. Crucial Plumbing is here to take hot water tank repair off your hands and guarantee and efficient repair.

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