Modern hot water systems are a necessary comfort, but they also do have problems sometimes like all other products or services.  The 8 problems listed here are the most common hot water system troubles. Also, if you have one at home, read through our list to figure out if your system needs attention and what can be done next, preferably by a qualified tradesperson.

1. Not enough hot water

One of the most annoying problems you could be facing with a hot water system is not getting enough hot water! Now, there could be many reasons for this such as

  • The tank is not big enough.
  • The heating element is on its way out.
  • The thermostat is not turned up high enough.
  • The tankless system is not working well with multiple hot water outlets.
  • The tankless system is unable to cope with freezing weather.

2. No Hot Water at All

This is more common than you would think and could mean a range of different things such as:

  • There is no power.
  • The element is broken.
  • The pilot is not working.
  • The circuit breaker has tripped.
  • Maybe a temperature cut-off was activated.

3. The Water is Way Too Hot

The other common problem is getting water that is scalding hot. One easy fix for this is turning down the temperature setting. However, the reason could also be a faulty hot water tempering valve that keeps water at the correct and safe temperature.

4. When There is Not Enough Water

Low or bad hot water pressure is a problem that may not be the system’s fault. It could be either due to mismatched sizes of plumbing pipes or that the tank is not big enough to cope with the usage. Whatever may be the issue, if you notice that the pressure is steadily declining, call on your local plumber to get the best fix done.

5. Noisy Hot Water Production

A scaly build-up of the heating elements often causes rumbling, banging, and popping noises in the hot water system. A simple flush or de-scaling routine by your local plumber can fix the problem.

Pro tip: Hot water anode might also be the reason behind noises so get it checked at regular intervals.

6. Taking Too Much Time to Heat Up

The water could take a long time to heat up for reasons such as

  • Faulty elements
  • Build-up of sediments
  • Defective thermostat
  • Bad gas burner

If you have an instantaneous system, keep in mind that a longer heating time is normal. But if this is the case with tank systems that hold pre-heated water, getting checked by professionals is the best solution.

7. The Tank is Leaking

Your hot water unit may be leaking for many reasons including:

  • Faulty valves
  • Loose connections
  • Corroded tank

8. Dirty and/or Smelly Hot Water

Dirty water with changed colour is usually caused by tank corrosion and can be fixed by a simple flush or replacing the anode rod. Likewise, bacteria are responsible for stinking water and a system flush is enough.

No matter when or how your hot water system works up, your trusty, local plumber can easily help. If you need one in Sydney, then you have come to the right place.

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